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Vandoorne after the first practice sessions in Abu Dhabi:

088d9dc48c45ff07ab20d2ee499d3e0b - Vandoorne after the first practice sessions in Abu Dhabi:

Stoffel Vandoorne looks reasonably positive return in the first practice sessions in Abu Dhabi. He is expected on Saturday, however, a very close fight.

Vandoorne was during the two practice sessions, respectively, eighth and twelfth. During both sessions was Vandoorne almost as fast as Alonso. Our countryman looks also back on the first two sessions on the Yas Marina Circuit.

“It was a pretty good day for us,” says Vandoorne back. “The first training session is not the most important session as it takes place under very warm conditions. The focus lies more on the second practice sessions. Then we see the same conditions and temperatures as well as during qualifying and the race.”

The promises on Saturday, however, an intense battle to be because just as during many other raceweekends are the lap times in the middle of the rijdersveld very close to each other.

“It was a reasonably positive day. We felt comfortable in the car and the midfield looks very close. We are in a close battle with Force India, Renault and Williams.”

“We have today, many things tried, and if tomorrow we all good for each other and some good, pure, rounds can drop and then we are normally in a strong position,” concluded Vandoorne.

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