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Unsecured claims of Nafi Thiam runs severe knee injury on

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The Dutch zevenkampster Nadine Broersen left Friday on her Facebook page to know a serious knee injury to have incurred. Broersen tore her posterior cruciate ligament and wait a long period of rehabilitation.

The 27-year-old Broersen fell last week on Monday on training on a horde. She thought at first that the injury wasn’t that bad, but last Tuesday was found during an MRI scan, that the verdict is much heavier penalty. “My posterior cruciate ligament is completely torn”, explained the Dutch. “A number of weeks recovery and then a new MRI. Subsequently, it is decided whether or not there is an operation follows. Nightmare.”

Broersen was in 2015 at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Beijing and fourth in the zevenkamp. They also took twice part in the Play (12th in 2012 and 13th in 2016). At the european athletics indoor this year in Belgrade was Broersen fifth in the pentathlon, at a safe distance from the winner Nafi Thiam.

Thiam know Friday night by the IAAF as the Wereldatlete of the Year. In addition to Thiam are also allowed to the Ethiopian langeafstandloopster Almaz Ayana, and the Greek pole vault jumper Ekaterini Stefanidi hope on the price. Our compatriot would be the first Belgian to ever get that title in the wait drag.

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