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Julien Watrin is focused on the 400m hurdles: “World is possible”

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In early september, Julien Watrin known that he wants to concentrate on the 400 metres hurdles. If he hurdles technically quite get the hang of it, he may say that dreams of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“Actually, I already knew a year ago the switch to the 400 metres hurdles, because I suspect that I can reach in the 400 metres. Already in the childhood I did on hurdles, the hurdles gave birth to me,” said Watrin on the Team Belgium-internship in Lanzarote. “Now follows a transitional period, because I need quite a bit of customizations in terms of running style. If I’m technically quite mastered get, I should be on a global level, able to perform. And then mik I, on the Belgian record (48.91) by Marc Dollendorf (1996).”

More than two months ago, discontinued Watrin after four years of collaboration with Jacques Borlée, and he went into partnership with François Gourmet and Jonathan Nsenga, who helps him in the technical aspect of the hurdles. “I had the feeling that there are gaps in my preparation in the system Borlée. Our visions varied. In my framework, in addition to my coaches still quite a lot of changes, with a new physiotherapist, doctor, etc.”

The Tornadoes

Watrin won this year with the Belgian Tornados silver medal in the 4x400m relay at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor in Belgrade. At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in London, where the Tornados fourth were, he was reserveloper. In 2016, made the student industrial engineer part of the team during the Games in Rio de Janeiro (4th) and the european CHAMPIONSHIP (gold). “I continue to be a member of the Tornados. Also on my 400m, I will still make progress and I want to be in the neighborhood of 45.00 walk, because that is necessary to get better on my 400m hurdles. And once I individually start to perform in my new discipline will have a huge serenity care that can only be for the 4x400m relay team,” concludes Watrin, who last season suffered from a hielblessure.

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