YouTubetips: is Bianca the new Barbie?

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Metro runs weekly YouTubekanalen and tips there on Tuesday three. Which channels fall on? You would also need to look at?

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Games VS Reality EN

On the YouTubekanaal of Games VS Reality EN go celebrities and athletes the challenge with presenter and ex-utopiaan Bjorn. They play a game of Fifa together, and then with each other on the field to in real life to kick a ball. The question is: can the presenter of the famous Dutchman beat? The men are busy the channel to develop. They are working on a new series of videos in the character of Formula 1, in which eight well-known Dutch people with a course focus on the racing simulator. The men are since about a year active on YouTube and have over 5,000 subscribers.

Voom Voom

Are you a fan of the lifestyle of Barbie and Michael? Then the YouTubekanaal Voom Voom really is for you. Here you will find the real life soap of Bianca Meivogel and her cameraman Ron. Bianca is the owner of the most famous disco club of the Costa del Sol, Voom Voom Torremolinos. Also, she is now the business partner of Michael. They vlogt about her daily life and chat with the CELEBRITIES that come on the Spanish coast.


The Belgian entertainment news site for young people TAGMAG is also active on YouTube. They go to the streets or to visit an event and identify a number of ‘foolish’ questions to the young people they encounter, for example: makes handsome life easier? Or: what superpower would you have someone decorate? The answers are really amazing, a few minutes full of sniggering behind your screen guaranteed! The channel has over 18,000 subscribers.

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