YouTube-star Teske: this is a full-time job

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With 332.128 subscribers on YouTube, 329.000 followers on Instagram and millions of streams on Spotify is Teske de Schepper one of the major contenders for an XITE-award in the category Best Online Artist.

The 22-year-old YouTuber, vlogger, blogger and singer was there early on. When she was 13 she began making and posting YouTube videos. Today might be a normal activity for someone of that age, but that was in 2008 not yet sure. Her fanschare grew steadily until the mass which it now is. “I find it difficult to figure out how it comes that it is so out of hand,” says Teske modest. “Maybe it’s because I always personally try to be. Many young women recognize themselves in me, I guess.”

Ninety-five percent of the subscribers on her YouTube channel are women, most of them are between 16 and 24 years old. “My followers grow with me. When I was 13, my followers also. I was a makeup girl and told how I rose. Now I live together and I talk about things, my interior is, for example, where someone who is 13 is not so a lot with it. On makeup talk, I have never been. I think it’s now much more fun to have stories from my life, the life of a young adult.”

Funny world

YouTube is a world in itself, she says. “Vloggen is actually a genre in itself, just like rap that is in the music. If you vlogt leaves you with the camera in your hand your daily life. Enzo Knol does that for example. My friend (who Mertabi is called on YouTube) also makes YouTube videos, but that creates scripted comedy sketches. A little pure wire mesh-like, but then on YouTube. Then you have of course the girls make-up make videos, and there is a lot of gegamed. It is such a funny world, there is everything in it.”

Her career as an online artist and a singer walk into each other and reinforce each other. “If you are following me on YouTube you see videos where I was in the studio with my band rehearsing. With my music I pull a different, older audience. On Everything, my last ep, for example, a song that I, with Paul de Munnik have made and that attracts a completely different audience than my videos on YouTube. The crazy thing is: it is thought that only young girls to my concerts. The majority also still young girls, but as time passes and my music matures, I suddenly see also couples and women of mid twenties. I think that’s very nice.”


What a lot of people also think that online artists like an easy street. “It’s funny to hear how people are thinking and I will be the last to say that it is hard work, but I think it’s a bit underestimated. I think that everyone can make, that is also not very difficult, only it is of course an art to your audience. This is a full time job, if not more. I’m also often in the weekends to work. Shooting, editing, campaigns, on location, and then of course I also have my singing career.”

Among the movies that Teske on social media post stand hundreds, sometimes thousands of responses. Some are pretty intense. Because there are girls who Teske is a lot more than someone that they would like to follow on social media. “It is sometimes bizarre. For example, there is a group of girls who my friends are because they are fan of me. Happen luckily no nasty things. Even if I the door to go out. I am, of course, be recognized and addressed, but that I find super fun. I also get nice letters and cards.”

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