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“With John Lasseter is a absolute greatness in the film from its pedestal’

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John Lasseter, co-founder of animation studio Pixar, and after the acquisition by Disney chief creative officer (CCO) of Walt Disney Animation Studios, takes six months leave after allegations of inappropriate behaviour. That he Tuesday, his staff reported in an e-mail.

“With John Lasseter is a absolute greatness in the world of film from its pedestal: as the creative brain at the top of Pixar and the animation studio of Walt Disney, he is the most important man in the world of animated film. And now he is yet another example of a man in a particularly powerful position in the world of film who, for years, apparently to be able to go outside and engage in inappropriate behavior towards his female colleagues.’
“The testimonies in The Hollywood Reporter suggest in no way the behaviour of the reputation of Harvey Weinstein. Now that he has six months to step aside, should be seen as harm reduction. Even more than other studios, a production company of films like Disney this type of behaviour miss as toothache.’

Jeroen Struys

Editor film

Lasseter is the director and writer of successful films such as the Toy storyseries, A bug’s life and Cars, and has two Oscars to his name. He is now on a sabbatical of six months’ after a few ‘painful conversation’ about ‘transgressions’, in which staff members are ‘not respected or uncomfortable’ felt, according to the e-mail.

‘I want to particularly apologize to everyone who ever had an unwanted hug from me or any other gesture that, according to them, in one way or another, a limit exceeded,” says Lasseter. ‘No matter how good my intentions were, everyone has the right to his own limits which must be respected.’

Disney let in a communication know a lot of importance to an environment in which all employees are respected and encouraged to be their best work to deliver’. “We set Johns candor and sincere apology on price and stand behind his sabbatical.’


After Lasseters announcement came immediately the first anonymous testimonials to the top. To The Hollywood Reporter told an employee that is already a long time for Pixar is that Lasseter young women are often ‘vastgreep, kissed, and comments made about their appearance’.

According to The Hollywood Reporter would be actress and scenariste Rashida Jones, which, along with Lasseter to the story of Toy story 4 worked, along with her schrijfpartner Will McCormack early in the project are stepped because of unwanted advances by Lasseter.

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