‘Weinstein had team against allegations of abuse’

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‘A public secret’, calls The Guardian the scandal against the film producer Harvey Weinstein. According to the newspaper Weinstein nine months for the statements about sexual abuse by the man, a study in allow against so-called ‘people at risk’.

The filmmagnaat would a team have hired that 43 men and 48 women in the film industry have been investigated. He tried as to the allegations concerning the sexual abuse not to go outside. The list of names is in the hands of The Observer, part of The Guardian.

Red colored

On the list of actresses who have spoken about the abuse of Weinstein. Among others, Rose McGowan, Laura Madden, and Zelda Perkins are on the list. Almost half of the names would be red colored, which Weinstein wanted to indicate that their business priority. McGowan and Madden would be red colored. They are actresses who first came out with the news.

The list would be about nine months before the news came out. The statements of, among others, McGowan and Madden made sure that a lot of actresses in public statements about sexual abuse by Weinstein. n.

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