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Videosnack: Berget Lewis blows X-Factor UK judges over

Berget Lewis auditioned for Simon Cowell and the other X-Factor UK judges and astounded the experienced hands ‘ in the box, with her performance.

“I have a career”

Berget wound there is no beat around the bush when she had appeared: she is 45, she has a “career” in the Netherlands, but that is a small country where they as a soul singer is not fully to her right. Therefore, she tries to capture a segment of a larger stage to participate in the talent show.

Purple Rain

Lewis chose Purple rain by Prince as her auditienummer, what the jury already a surprising choice and then she had to start singing. With her distinctive, emotional voice and powerful tricks blew the coaches piece for piece down. With four yes’s is a dolgelukkige Berget a round further.

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