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The ‘casinogeluk’ of Teodorczyk is on

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Anderlecht lost yesterday in the Champions League from Bayern Munich. Not illogical, but it had otherwise been, if Luke Teodorczyk had done for which he is on the field: the opportunities to finish. Aad de Mos was homesick for Ronny Martens.

A notable intervention was the last night during halftime of the Champions League match Anderlecht-Bayern Munich. Analyst Aad de Mos, who are light let shine on the Anderlecht-Pool, Luke …

A notable intervention was the last night during halftime of the Champions League match Anderlecht-Bayern Munich. Analyst Aad de Mos, who are light let shine on the Anderlecht-Pole Lukas Teodorczyk, who already have few opportunities skillfully the neck had omgewrongen.

“I’ve worked with topspitsen such as Marco van Basten and Johan Cruyff,” said the Dutchman, who in Belgium KV Mechelen to Europacupwinst led and also three seasons, trainer of Anderlecht. “One against one games, in principle, is that easy. Suddenly I had to think of Ronny Martens.’

What did The Moss there now exactly? “I saw the opportunities that Teodorczyk in the first half of got, and thought suddenly on the stand: I’ve never had a better striker for that kind of opportunities than Ronny Martens,” he says. ‘That boy had a gift to score, not to do so. He came to the penalty area, and was so effective … He really knew the corners of the goal, knew where he the ball had to impose.’

Topschutter, but not a Red Devil

Ronny Martens, which, however, is to go back in time. Next month he is 59. “Many people no longer know who I am,” says Martens. Because he never made as Red Devil. Five times he was called, in 1980, when he for Anderlecht played (“if any of the club’, know Martens yet), never resulted in speelminuten.

“Oh, I lived maybe not one hundred per cent for my sport,’ he admits. “I was in 84 topschutter for AA Gent and was not called up for the national team. Guy Thys chose as the focus for Erwin Vandenbergh and Alex Czerniatynski. When I was not aware of it, now, maybe more.’

The clubstatistieken of Ronny Martens do not lie. Between 1977 and 1981, he played for Anderlecht: 16 goals in 52 matches. At SK Beveren, he got more opportunities to play gigs: 34 goals in 82 matches. The following year, at AA Gent, he was topschutter of the league with 23 goals. Later he moved to KV Mechelen where he has a half season to work with The Moss. And clearly made an impression.

Vanhaezebrouck will make

Praise from the trainer for a striker, but the respect is mutual. “The Moss was a top trainer, someone with a vision,” says Martens. “If you see where he KV Mechelen has brought: the european cup won. I can see that now also in Anderlecht. Hein Vanhaezebrouck has the same about themselves. Now you see Anderlecht all evolve. Give Vanhaezebrouck a couple of months and you will be surprised.’

It does not mean that Martens is aware of what The Mos of him. He still savoring. “I was no Van Basten or Cruyff’, meaning he immediately. ‘Keeper at striker, man against man, I was good at, yes. Ninety percent made I still have.’

Lack of confidence or lack of class?

That is clearly more than Teodorczyk. ‘It is not just a matter of confidence, but also of quality, ” said The Moss on the television. ‘A kingdom for a striker, they must now at Anderlecht think.’

But anyway: last year if ‘Teo’ no ball near, whether it was a goal. ‘Casinogeluk is what I call it, ” says Aad de Mos. “There is no regularity in. The problem began at Anderlecht itself. They have him too much in protection taken. A middle finger to raise to the fans of Club Brugge, not to the gala of the Golden Shoe: it was all with the mantle of love, wrapped up.’

Sell, but how and to whom?

‘Last season he kicked he-twenty’, says Ronny Martens. “It has yet to part with trust. At his first opportunity last night, he does everything wrong, of course. If he is the goalkeeper omspeelt, he gets either a penalty, or a goal.’

“The problem is, I think, that Teodorczyk wants too much force now. He wants to be as fast as possible, that goal is trying to make, and every time it fails, the response is: he can not. Now, the Pool is also not wereldspits, of course. A real topaanvaller would not be at Anderlecht play. That may be the club financially.”

But what should be done with the Polish striker? ‘As soon as possible sell, ” says Moss. ‘But will be easy are not. The grand prize that they were able to catch, is long gone.’

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