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Soulzanger Charles Bradley died

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The American soulzanger Charles Bradley (68) has died. He was only at a later age is known, thanks to the documentary Charles Bradley: Soul of America.

Charles Bradley was suffering for a while to stomach cancer. In 2016, he was still healed, which Bradley on a new world tour started in december to the popzaal Paradiso in Amsterdam would bring. Last month cancelde Bradley the tour because of the cancer to his liver was metastasized.

James Brown

His road to the top was special and long. For many years was the New Yorker so poor as he was for his mother, and with gigs as a James Brown impersonator make ends meet tried to tie it. In 2011, if the ever-positive Charles his debut album No time for dreaming record. In that period he was followed by documentary filmmaker Poull Brien. The maker was in luck. The album was a sensation, and the documentary also.

Good luck

Since then, lived Charles Bradley his dream. Finally there was the recognition which he so long for moisture. He performed on all the well-known American talk shows and toured the world over. In the Netherlands, he was o.a. to see at North Sea Jazz. The happiness could unfortunately not take a long time.

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