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Sanne Cant wins in spite of kettingproblemen in last round, also in Bogense

3b82c424029730434c3c2efc28433d08 - Sanne Cant wins in spite of kettingproblemen in last round, also in Bogense

Sanne Cant has in the Danish Bogense her two world cup of the season won. On the banks of the famous Kattegat, she was by far the strongest in the race.

. From the beginning she set the tone and ran them several times of the competition. By only a few flaws were in the beginning, the Italian Lechner and later the British Helen Wyman time and time yet again to connect. Two laps seemed to have the contest yet decided when Cant to for more than fifteen seconds out of time. Until they’re in the final lap suddenly kettingproblemen knew, and Wyman her yet again could keep up. But even that could have a rock-solid Cant not of the victory. She kept calm, put the chain back on the bike and rushed into the last hundred meters again away from Wyman.

“That was an exciting time,” responded Cant laconic on the bad luck in the final lap. “But what was I to do otherwise than remain calm. Luckily I was able to it just in time to repair, and immediately connect with Wyman. I asked me only where I have of her was driving away. There was a bridge where a few seconds could address, but that I found but little. So I am once again full of gas gone and I saw that they were immediately in a hole and had to leave.”

Previously won Cant even though the world cup in Waterloo. But this was probably her best race of the season. “I felt me already a while, good training and am pleased that I am now also in the race could show them”, she said. In the promises-women was the Limburg Laura Verdonschot the best.

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