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Rosa Reuten about Henry Green

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The director in The secret diary of Hendrik Groen is not so popular among the residents of the care home. Rosa Reuten, the task of this vicious woman.

Director Stelwagen is a strong character. How did you imaginatively?
“When I read the book on which the series is based, I imagined a solid, fake wife of 58 years. And I am small, pinnig and early forties. Therefore, I was surprised that I the role got. I thought: how does the director that for themselves? It was a bit of a search. I decided along the abyss of kindness and destruction of the hairs. She is constantly stuck to the regulations. The lyrics were fantastic, so that also helped. I had a lot of the fry, because Stelwagen keeps long monologues.”

What do you think of the result?
“It is a touching series. I was curious how the voice-over of Henry Green would work, but that bored me not. Because Kees Hulst, Hendrik plays, so quiet tells, you get air in the episodes. The images of the home, with the sadness, and the little larks, to make the story human. It really is a tragi-comedy. André van Duin (Evert, eds.) for example, is not used to so little to play, but you can feel his timing and the power of comedy. Very clever, I think.”

Do you see yourself later in the home for the elderly?
“In a newspaper I read recently about a retirement home that almost was empty and was occupied by students. In the article was that we are about forty years perhaps can’t imagine that we ever elderly together in a house stopped. So I have no idea how to do that later. Maybe we will get much more mixed forms of housing. We are also getting older with z’n all, so there’s bound to be something to change on that front.”

The secret diary of hendrik Groen – Monday | NPO 1 • 22.20 hours

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