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No lasting damage for Loiza Lamers after stroke

Loiza lamers leave via Instagram know that she is back at home. The stroke that she Monday received, has no permanent damage caused. And that should be a huge relief for the model.

Yesterday it was announced that Holland’s Next top Modelwinner, Loiza Lamers rushed to the hospital because of a blood clot in her brain. The management of the 22-year-old Loiza gave Tuesday night that they had returned home, but a side of her face still numb.


On Instagram tells Loiza now that the numbness in her face is gone and they no lasting damage. The model is grateful for the many sweet messages that she has received. “Your loving messages give me strength and I want you guys also to thank.”

Good morning dear followers, after all the violent messages in the media, I want to let you know that it is a lot better with me. I am currently at home and I’m very grateful that I have no permanent damage was caused. I am still very tired, but fortunately, I am surrounded by my dear family and friends. Hopefully I’m soon a bit of the old, and I stand there just as if on this picture! Your loving messages give me strength and I want you guys also to thank❤

A post shared by Loiza Lamers (@loizalamers) on Nov 22, 2017 at 12:28am PST

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