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More Belgians in the Belgian league? Pro League put a remarkable proposal from Club Brugge on calendar

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The Pro League, that the interests of the 24 professional clubs represents, has ears to the proposal of Vincent Mannaert to get more money from the tv contract to be forwarded to the clubs with more Belgian players in the A-core. “But we want to be, rather, a series of coherent measures instead of here and there, a few minor adjustments”, responded CEO Pierre François Thursday.

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The manager of Club Brugge suggested Thursday in The Newspaper to get more money from the tv money for clubs that are more Belgians in the nucleus. François let you know it is a “more than debatable” idea to find and place the proposal of Mannaert on the agenda of the next General Meeting on 14 december. “But this year, nothing has changed”, said the CEO of the Pro League.

François clarified, however, that the Pro League already has a number of measures have been taken to the number of Belgians in the professional leagues to increase. “The wealth of the Belgian professional clubs is in the youth programs,” says François. To avoid that our young players are too fast for a foreign adventure to choose, the Pro League along with sportersvakbond Sporta and Minister of Labour, Kris Peeters (CD&V) on an adaptation of a Royal Decree. That should allow for youth players from a 15-year semi-professional contract. The amendment will be included in the new collective bargaining agreement (cba). “That will allow us to have top-flight talent as Zinho Vanheusden (Inter Milan) and Thibaud Verlinden (Stoke City) in Belgium”, says François.

Next Monday is François as a representative of the Pro league, along with Football, Flanders and the ACFF. François will the plan proposals to the beloftenteams of the pros to participate in the first and second amateursklasse. “Many talents to leave Belgium, because they are the beloftenreeksen too weak,” said François the plan.

The Pro League would also do away with Belgian clubs for youth players wegplukken. “That is counter-productive for the youth. Therefore, We will draw up internal rules that such practices are tires explains,” confirmed François. That is on 14 december on the calendar.

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