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Model Loiza Lamers affected by stroke

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Model Loiza Lamers is by a stroke affected. The 22-year-old Holland’s Next top Modelwinner, is currently in the hospital in Arnhem, netherlands.

Loiza Lamers yesterday rushed to the hospital after she suddenly passed out. The scans showed that she has a blood clot in her brain. The management of the model at RTL Boulevard know that Loiza “very afraid, but is very strong.”


Her management gave tonight in RTL Boulevard that Loiza has returned home. “They probably have nothing. It turns out that Loiza a stroke has had. She is resting at home now. On one side of her face, she feels nothing. A kind of paralyzed. The question is whether that is permanent. Loiza is worried about her face, but she is glad that she can talk and walk. She is very startled and now very tired.”

Holland’s Next top Model

In 2015, it won Lamers as the first transgendermodel the television show Holland’s Next top Model. She made a bold choice by the winning modellencontract of Touché Models to reject, because she could not find in the terms and conditions. “I like to be at the top, and that I’ll do anything for, there are sometimes difficult decisions to fix,” she said at the time.

International career

The winner went on its own power and with success. Lamers is currently a veelgeboekt model and focuses on an international career. So she knew for a role in the American television series I live with models to get.

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