Marieke Elsinga is committed to clean drinking water

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“This is an important story to tell,” said the 31-year-old presenter, who in the general public (known from RTL Late Night, and her participation in Expedition Robinson this season. “Due to the change of the climate, drink a lot of Ethiopians forced to polluted water, simply because there is no clean water. With all the terrible consequences.”

Elsinga went to the East African country as a reporter of RTL Boulevard, her current employer. Intention was to see what the lack of water there makes people. Her visit took place within the framework of the people’s action week, Clean Water For Everyone of aid organization Cordaid in collaboration with Boulevard.

“It was very strange to walk around,” she says. “First of all, there is the heat, where you really desired. And then the totally different situation of the people there. Here in the Netherlands I am always busy with dreams and goals, or I look forward to a weekend away with a friend. In Ethiopia, people want drinking water for their children. And that is not there. That is, of course, incomparable.”

Tragic figures

Elsinga indicates that the problem is with the lack of water due to climate change, in recent years more and more acute. And not only in Ethiopia. According to the latest figures around the world have 844 million people have no access to clean drinking water. The result is that every 90 seconds, somewhere a child dies of the consequences.

It was the first time that the popular host of poverty of close to saw. “I travel a lot and am familiar with many different cultures, but this was something different. So I was visiting with a family in their hut. The mother was ill because of the contaminated drinking water, and five of her children were also not the best, and she was already a three-year-old son lost. In the meantime, it was there, 45 degrees, cried one of her other children incessantly and was everything and everyone under the fly. I asked her how old she was. When she said that she was 32, I was shocked. We are practically the same age and she has such a different story.”


The same mother told that they are her children, contaminated drinking water, because there is nothing else. “Dreadful, of course. But she has no choice. After that conversation I talked with people from Cordaid and they told me that they are in this kind of areas for emergency solutions to try to ensure. They distribute water purifying tablets and drive every two or three days watertrucks around. In order to ensure that they in the end can, be large basins excavated. At the time that the day once it rains the rain water is collected, so that they are on that way again with clean drinking water.”

Elsinga understand that it is an illusion to think that they are with her report, which this week is in RTL Boulevard, the behavior of the Dutch population is changing, and so the climate problem will help solve it. “That we do not go for each other. But if we remember that we in the Netherlands an average of fifteen steps at a faucet away from and people there, sometimes up to 18 hours to walk to good drinking water, growing, perhaps, we may consciousness. Take the flush of the toilet, that we in the Netherlands, nota bene with clean drinking water! That we do not need to change, because that is the world in which we live, but we even ensure that we the people in Ethiopia also to clean water help. In the area where I’ve been, they are in a family set up with three litres of often polluted water a day. There they have to be of drinking, cooking, washing. Incredibly little is that. Especially when you consider that we have one toilet visit all six liters by the crapper draw.”

Empty jerry can

Elsinga has in Ethiopia and experience how it is to get through the day with only 3 litres of water. “in the Morning I did not take a shower because that is sixty gallons. I got my face washed, my teeth cleaned and on the road in the car to the nomadic people, it was very hot, drinking water. For an hour or half 1 I said, ‘boys, the jerry can is empty.” I have so miserably failed. And I had the luck that Cordaid me three gallons of spring water, and not polluted water.”

RTL Boulevard with the reports of Marieke Elsinga is tonight and the rest of this week from 18.35 hours at RTL 4.

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