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Line-up of the first music festival of the Year known

André Hazes, Gerard Joling, Frans Bauer, René Froger and many others perform at the first music festival of the Year. The concert is on new year’s eve on NPO 3 broadcast.

Jan Smit presents the concert and occurs of course in itself also. Except for Jan, André, Gerard, Frans, and René also Jeroen van der Boom, Willeke Alberti, Jannes, Frans Duijts, Lee Towers, Anita Meyer, Thomas Berge, George Baker, The Kik, Wolter Kroes, OG3NE, John Beaver, Peter Beense and Danny Froger.

Almost everyone in the Netherlands who can sing, thus comes along in the Ziggo. A dertigkoppig symphonic orchestra accompanies the performers.

 The Celebration of the year is on Friday 8 december in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam

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