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Jules Hesters and Bryan Boussaer win Ghent jongerenzesdaagse

b65b4e4161871142243c8009bb4da1e6 - Jules Hesters and Bryan Boussaer win Ghent jongerenzesdaagse

Jules Hesters and Bryan Boussaer, this year, already winner of the three-day event in London, wrote to the AVS Cup U23 on their list of achievements. From start to finish, they had the strings in his hands. The French Crabos-Lecamus Lambert and the Germans Weispfennig-Augenstein allowed to participate on the winner’s podium.

The Dane Arne Birkemose, Saturday night cases and disposed of, walked a fracture of the tailbone. His Danish ploegmakker Andreas Kron was to Arne De Groote linked, that Friday ploegmakker Matthias Of Beethove lost after a crash.

The ride Saturday was stopped on 58 laps from the end. Jules Hesters and Bryan Boussaer, that the crash was involved in, started with a lead of 3 laps to the final, a ploegkoers about 240 rounds. Hesters-Boussaer and The Great-Kron adorned in the first half of the race rondewinst. What later did the all-powerful leaders still agree on.

Hesters, who won last year with Gerben Thijssen press the footsteps of Michel Vaarten, and Luc Colijn, who in ‘77 and ‘78 won, and Gino Primo, who in ‘92 won by Tom Steels and a year later, with the Italian Marco Villa.

“Dream becomes reality”

“What a birthday”, beamed Bryan, 21 years, fourth in ‘t ‘Kuipke’. “After the fall of Saturday I had the especially in the final difficult when Jules still for the attack chose. Win ‘t ‘Kuipke’, was a stilgekoesterde dream which is now reality.”

“My fourth win in a jongerenzesdaagse. I hope that next year a get a chance at the pros. The first days there was some opposition, but in the final we took it much easier than expected.”

Final AVS Cup U23

1. BOUSSAER-HESTERS 127 points, 5 rounds 2. Crabos-Lecamus Lambert 77, 3. Weisspfennig-Augenstein 35, 6 rounds to 4. Malcharek-Schmiedel 79, 5. Kron-THE GREAT 54, at 7 laps 6. Vernon-Tidball 77, 12 round 7. Ferronato-Donega 26, at 14 laps 8. MEYERS-HEINDERSON 14, at 16 laps 9. LEFEBER-STEYAERT 7, 20 laps 10. Davies-Cooper, 0, 23 laps 11. Ottevanger-Moors 6.

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