Johnny de Mol reveals name and gender baby

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Johnny de Mol and his bride to be, Anouk van Schie expect to soon release their first child. Tuesday announced he is in The Coen and Sander Show on Radio 538, the gender and the name of the baby.

Johnny and Anouk are expecting a little boy. The name you will certainly not come as a surprise, Johnny. To Coen and Sander, he tells us that it is not a difficult choice was made, because his great-grandfather, grandfather and father also so called. “It’s been quite some generations back.”

Festive year

In October made Johnny and Anouk announced that their first child would expect. It is a festive year for the couple. Last summer Johnny was also on his knees for Anouk: he asked her to marry him.

Tuesday unveiled Johnny the second edition of LINDA.Man, which he gasthoofdredacteur. Previously interviewed include Nikkie Plessen and Astrid Holleeder.

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