Johan Derksen angry canals, and anti-pete

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The mustachioed voetbalanalist has had it with the discussion about the appearance of Zwarte Piet. During the program Football Inside on RTL7 said Derksen, that there in the province are no Black Pietendiscussie.

According to the former editor-in-chief of Voetbal International is the inner circle of the ring of canals is the culprit of the disturbed and emotional discussions, especially talk shows as DWDD and Pauw had to pay for it.

The article goes under the image.

“In the province we laugh about it”

In addition to the ‘inner circle who are on talk shows join us.’ Has Derksen also very little to do with the activists who had traveled to Friesland: “They have in Amsterdam and in Rotterdam, a van filled with people who want to protest that steaming, accompanied by all the journalists of the Netherlands, to the Netherlands.” He finds their arguments ‘bullshit’ and accuses them that they enjoy the slachtofferrol to play and the about discrimination or racism in Peacock, home cooked apple pie or DWDD.

He also pointed an invitation to Jeroen Pauw at the table to talk about the topic. Yet there was also room for a positive note: Johan Derksen supported the Project P-action of Jenny Douwes from the Netherlands. Wilfred Genee, who also sat at table with Football Inside had less difficulty with the subject but also saw off of a place at the table by Jeroen Pauw.

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