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Interview with Frank Boeijen

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With his 59 years, Frank Sinatra and the youngest winner of the NPO Radio 5 Oeuvre Award. The Dutch singer is happy with the honorary prize and will now go just for years.

How does it feel to be the Oeuvre Award to win?

“Get a price continues to be fun and honorable, but I think it’s mainly a token of appreciation for the good taste of my audience. Without their support, I would certainly not forty years. But it is just as well the merit of all the musicians, technicians and roadies, where I all that time have worked. I see the Oeuvre Award, especially in recognition for the work so far. Early next year my new album and starting in February we will go back on
tour through the Netherlands and Belgium.”

Is there a difference between Dutch and Flemish fans?

“The biggest difference is in the fact that Belgium is later to be hung up. I got there before the beginning of years 90 foot on the ground, after the album of Wild Flowers. They will have the time of the Frank Boeijen Groep so largely missed. This is the question to the eighties hits in the south is a lot smaller.”

How do you keep those old hits for yourself interesting?

“I’ve never bothered, during a show we play, she likes to as an encore, and often in the musical style of that tour. The public expects it and even after more than 25 years, it is still not a punishment to songs like ‘Tell me that it is not so’ and ‘Kronenburg park’ to sing. They are well made and go with timeless themes. In regard to that if I want to be that ‘Black and white’ is no longer as relevant. By all recent developments feel the song, understand more than ever.”

Where does it even after forty years the inspiration for new music come from?

“Actually, where it always came from: I just write on what I see. Last time I was in the floodplains in Nijmegen, the netherlands for the recording of a documentary about me. The impressions you will gain in the nature lead to ideas. But I also find inspiration in the collaboration with other artists. NPO Radio 5 has a concert around the Oeuvre Award ceremony organised in which other singers covers of my songs. So does Mathilde Santing it is relatively unknown What are you doing here sir? and has Racoon opted for an acoustic version of Kronenburg park. I’m sincerely looking forward to it, it remains interesting to see how old and young colleagues you work to interpret.”

Ask young artists ever to advice?

“That is, I have the necessary experience. One of the most important things that I young people meegeef: make sure that you are not day and night busy. Hard work is a prerequisite for success, but you must not allow it to gobble up. It is also important that you are a part of yourself private. There has never been a journalist or camera crew to our home in Nijmegen, for example. I can also a lot from the young artists learn. Today, reach out to them via their own video channels around the world with music or art without the intervention or interference of a record company. That is an unprecedented creative luxury. If I would start again, I would be full of wager on online.”

Is your definition of success changed with the years?

“Of course, it still remains a kick when people to your gigs and that the hall is sold out. But what I – especially since we in the theatres play – becoming more and more important for me, is to make contact with the public. During the show, I create my own world. If it succeeds, people to lead in the intimate enclave and they like their worries and problems and forget, it feels for me as a success.”

NPO Radio 5 Oeuvre Award: Frank Sinatra – Sunday, 23.15 hours, NPO 1

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