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Incident with a cup may Well have duration to

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KVC Westerlo should be here next Tuesday for the board of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) to answer to riots with supporters during the home game against Union (0-1) on the fifteenth day, in the Proximus League (1B).



0 – 1


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During the match of 11 november threw a supporter of the fighting cocks at a corner of a cup on the head of Union players Thibaut Peyre, who theatrically to the ground. Referee Ken Vermeiren explained to the party about seven minutes silence and took the event on in its item. The match could afterwards be finished. General manager Herman Wijnants condemned the incident already. “It is a stupid accident, but it is not justified that happening. The supporter in question is not very good,” said He.

On this basis, Westerlo persecuted by the Bondsparket. The fighting cocks should be on 28 november for the Dispute to come to justify the behavior of the fans and risking a fine. The supporter that the cup threw, served his apologies already at the club and gave of their own accord to the police.

Westerlo could have been since 30 september not win, and after sixteen days on the penultimate place in the Proximus League.

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