Great love turns out fraudster in Danish IDFA docu

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Danish documentary ‘ The Stranger is about a young woman who falls in love with the man, who identity has invented on Facebook.

Suppose, you are fond of fell in love with the man of your dreams. And imagine, three months later you discover that the person you’re in love with is not who he says he is.

It happens to Amanda, a young single mother from a suburb of Copenhagen. Via Facebook to ‘meet’ them, Casper, a charming and funny lawyer, and descendant of one of the richest families in Denmark. At least, that says it all, and Amanda has no reason to believe that it is not so. Using that Facebook has, they would also be in contact with his friends, who are curious about the mysterious flame of ‘their’ Casper. After the first date he pulls quickly at Amanda, and they are very happy. The truth about Casper comes to light.

It is the fascinating story of The Stranger, a documentary from the Danish filmmaker Nicole N. Horanyi, which this week is on the Amsterdam documentairefestival IDFA. “I came on the story through a podcast in which Amanda, in clear language and explained what her happened to,” says Horanyi phone. “The first thing I thought of when I heard it was: would this also me can happen to you? So I was especially curious to see how they are by him seduced, the psychology behind it. Through all of the details that Amanda shared, I understood how clever and sophisticated Casper to work was gone. Amanda is a smart woman, but he ‘reads’ her, he knows how people psychologically can play. Is that he knows how to a very believable life together and have come up with. He is a gifted storyteller.”

Scents and colors

Striking: they showed all of the protagonists in this social media drama, including Amanda, play themselves. Casper is – for understandable reasons – by a professional actor played.

Horanyi solved the lack of actingskills on by the scenes at the places where they actually had played, from the train station of Copenhagen to the hotel room the first night together and the apartment of Amanda. “Have you ever heard of regression therapy? If you returned to the places where you have experienced it before, with the same smells and sounds as well, it is easier to the event to experience. That worked. What also Amanda also helped is that the actor that Casper plays physically huge on the real Casper.”


Actually, Horanyi hate documentaries in which something is acted out. “But I thought: if I manage to make the audience feel that it, together with Amanda in the middle of the story is, that they are actually together still deeper in to be framed by Casper, then this is a good movie cause. In between, tells Amanda to me, the director, what they are at any time that Casper and her farther took his lies thought. That seemed to me interesting. That Casper by an actor played was the longer I thought about it still makes more sense, because he was in reality each time a different role. He is at no time himself, he pretends to be very popular and a lot of money. He is a fiction. Amanda was with me.”

Little admire

How bad it is, and what Casper does, as a viewer, it is difficult to him also not a little to admire. “You’re not the only one” said Horanyi. “All the victims of Casper that I have spoken, because Amanda was by far not his only prey, it’s still all about his humor and charms. And I should him also. But do not forget that it is also really bad is what he has done. Amanda has a huge tap had. She was crazy of falling in love, and where she fell in love with was proved to not exist at all. That is intense. Fortunately, she is strong and she is her trust in humanity is not lost. “I can’t live if I people don’t trust,” she says. ”

The Stranger is, except when compelling documentary intended as a warning. “Please be careful on social media,” says the filmmaker. “Care for a healthy dose of skepticism and distrust. And even more than my own generation, I want young people to warn, because they spend much more time on social media and meet the current band strangers. A better tool than social media to pretend to be someone else is not.”

The Stranger is at IDFA to see on Saturday, november 18, (Mint 11), Sunday, november 19 (Eye Cinema 1), Friday 24 november (Tuschinski 2) and Saturday 25 november (Mint 13). IDFA vindt15 to 26 november in Amsterdam. This year is the thirtieth edition of the international documentairefestival. There are 319 documentaries from around the world will be screened. Opening film is Amal from director Mohamed Siam, about a fourteen girl that during the Egyptian revolution in tahrir square in Cairo ends up. IDFA is composed of seven fixture which prices to documentary makers, will be presented.

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