Expedition Robinson: Roeland teach Rider a lesson

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The tactical game in Expedition Robinson from last week is Also not in the cold clothes. The Twente midwife would prefer a Robinson-worthy as possible game play, but that is her by the scheming of the others.

Fun perish

She could, therefore, last week’s no different than tactical Anouk out to vote after that very hard in Imkes face had lied about voting on ‘kanonnenvoer’ Herold. By this action her buddy Carlos is still in it, but the fun in the game is her passing away.

In a preview of episode 11 is to see that Roeland her out of the pit, trying to catch up. But whether his uplifting ‘Carlos her with a smile for the bus would be pushing as him that the winner would crowns’ this is going to help?

You can see it Thursday at 20.30 pm on RTL 5.

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