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Even more parcoursdetails leaked: Vuelta for the first time about the Javalambre and plant return to Galicia

ada98d50d031d2d9d72068039094017d - Even more parcoursdetails leaked: Vuelta for the first time about the Javalambre and plant return to Galicia

Officially, have to wait until January 13, at the official presentation of the route of the upcoming Tour of Spain, but the Spanish media are now all eagerly looking for details of the route of the Vuelta. The Spanish wielersite Ciclo21 now reports that the region of Aragón, one of the arrivals uphill is assigned, namely, the Javalambre, which has never been climbed in the Spanish grand tour. And also the region of Galicia makes his comeback.

Like Les Praeres the Nava that may be scheduled, is also the Javalambre in the region of Aragon, a first for the Tour of Spain. According to the Spanish site Ciclo21 climb riders the Javalambre from the village of Arcos de las Salinas, which makes the climb such a 11,8 km long at an average of 7.3 percent. The riders have such a 1.929 meters of altitude to overcome, with the steepest rates at the end of the climb, to 15 percent. There they also pass by the Astronomical Observatory of Javalambre, one of the best in the world, to the universe to study, since they not suffer from light pollution. The climb is not over the full length of the trail is paved, but there may be a sleeve adapted before the Vueltapeloton there are about venture.

The region of Aragon in 2016 for the last time included in the course, when Alberto Contador a coup on the Formigal. A region who will make his comeback since 2016 is Galicia. As confirmed the president of the Provincial Council of Orense, José Manuel Baltar. But what is the route of the Vuelta will pass in Galicia, it is still a well-kept secret.

Previously appeared rumors that the Vuelta starts in Malaga and ends in Madrid, and once again many mountains on the menu. Thus, the Caminito del Rey, the Monte Oiz, La Covatilla and La Camperona and Les Praeres the Nava or La Farrapona already been mentioned as the possible calculation of this for the pack. The Spanish newspaper El Comercio suggested with certainty that the Lagos de Covadonga are back.

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