Brotherhood: Drugs? It’s about the love

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If there is one Dutch group is that the past year has been scored, is the Brotherhood. Friday, november 24, comes their brand new album ‘We Must’. Metro spoke to the five of us just before their first real ‘baby’ in the world to come; for after three EP’s, it’s time for the real work.

Upon entering the hotspot, Always in the Neighbourhood of Rotterdam is the largest section of the Brotherhood are already present. Airs after them in 2016 were voted the most streamed on Spotify? No trace of sight! There are Formed the patties removed and there is riotous laughter. If the men hear that I We Have already listened have in preparation for this interview, focusing all eyes are curious to me.

,,What did you think?” asking Emms to me. I can’t help but admit that I have the album very entertaining thought, and set immediately the question in reply:

Which track are you most proud of?
Emms: We had it happen last night, and we think Everything. It is a comprehensive, whole musical track with that caribbean sound where we grew up. That also has a certain vibe that is in the Netherlands not yet been made.

In that track, comes the phrase, “I’m more of those spontaneous things,” for. What are some spontaneous things that you do?
Sjaf: What concerns women, we are a little restrained, though, but, together, we experience all spontaneous just a few short moments. So we are already a couple of times of the one on the other day on vacation.
Edson: We make so much that spontaneity is now a kind of normal.
Jerr: yes because when we’re in the weekend are free, everyone is a little bit to wait on spontaneity. Then it is 23: 00 and geappt: “Who comes there with something?” But then, of course, not so spontaneous.
Edson: Last, we have to spontaneously go to an amusement park. That was so spontaneous that we be there at nine o’clock in the evening arrived. It was only two hours of open…
Emms: but to be very honest that was just better, because it is not more to do that. If all five of us walk, we can of that two hours maybe a half hour in a attraction to try to go. Try so: we will not be successful.
Jerr: But it was fun! Finally, those fans also where we are doing it for.

In Keskiednis tell you , The sky is not the limit.” So it seems that what you have now reached have not yet been seen if you highlight. When would you think: now, have we really made?
Edson: That moment we have really not.
Jerr: The way we started this work are ever is amazing. There is never something agreed. It is not said: if we pick this up then we are happy and then we stop there. So far, everything is just as much of a surprise to come. We force nothing: what happens, happens. If you to us a year ago, we had told what we this year all of us would make were we crazy.
Emms: Therefore, it is difficult to set goals. We dream only, but dare not so to speak. Still, if we had the feeling that no stranger could be, it happened yet. Now, I dare not even to make statements. All dream, of course, you secretly from the Cockpit or an international career.

That international career, you may have already go with, for example, tracks in a different language?
Sjaf: With social media, YouTube, and Spotify all you have now is actually no longer in English to sing. People viben to the music itself, and that you also see in the Netherlands. We listen also French or Arabic tracks while we don’t understand. It just feels good at that moment. But we are not focused on an international career, though. The are just dreaming.

In Life you will say: ‘For the rest we do it quietly’ (money). What’s the nicest thing you have from your earnings to buy?
Sjaf: It is good that we daily money to spend, and for our family and friends can provide. Everyone can eat and has the good. That’s the nicest thing we can spend.
Jerr: And, for example, a holiday with its all. The conversion for the people with whom we live together and dealing is actually the most fun. Even better than things for yourself to buy.

How does your family’s success?
Emms: We have in the past in many interviews told that our parents in the beginning were not quite so enthusiastic. Then they had the volume down had and they wanted that we went to school and stuff. That was tricky, but especially after the concert in The Castle, where all of our family, they are especially proud of and is that way.
Edson: I was with my family out to dinner for the birthday of my grandfather. He told me that he quite enjoyed it that I was there, because it is normally so crowded. But he said the Brotherhood also as a part of his life felt. I thought that was so beautiful: that my grandfather now also appreciates and even if something of him feels.

In Sugardaddy tell you that you are not tempted because you are not a sugar daddy. Brands you that women for the wrong reasons, interest show?
Emms: Fortunately, we went to do this too often and we have some knowledge of human nature gained.
Mella: We have the very by as people to the ‘wrong’ reasons, talk to us. What it is that we do not know, but you just feel it.
Emms: They pack it slim: a certain attitude, the way she looks. We have a ruling: Annemaria Koekoek. Then you turn around and there is suddenly someone superdichtbij that first you far in the club saw. But fortunately there are still a lot of ladies that just are sincere.

In Escape, you have the about: sometimes I want to escape reality, drugs often provides that sense. We have here not a small drugsprobleempje to tackle huh?
Jerr: I am glad that you put this sentence out, because when I made this track for the first time my friend had heard they had something like this: “What? DRUGS?’ But it’s really about the love and that feeling.
Sjaf: Within our group of friends, there is a limit in regards to drugs, by the way. We do drink and soft drugs. For the rest, everyone should do what he or she wishes. It is not intended to track drug use to stimulate, haha. Let’s clear about this, because we have discussed or we have this line in it had to leave. But that is absolutely not the essence of this song.

Then finally Next Move: what is your next step in this career?
Mella: That step is in any case again even better than the steps we have taken so far.
Edson: to Further substantiate the claim we do not. Then, we’ll let to much… But it is in any case very very good!

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