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Bibi Breijman surprised by love affair with Waylon

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Bibi Breijman is surprised by her relationship with Waylon. On her YouTube-channel she talking for the first time about the early love that the singer feels: “I didn’t see it coming”.

Nervous begins the vlogger and songstress to her video. “I find it quite difficult to get over my feeling to talk.” Bibi broke last month, her relationship of nine years. “I understand that you think ‘Oh, how quickly.’”

It Takes 2

Waylon and Bibi met each other for the first time during the filming of It takes 2 , where he as a coach supervised. Especially their sensitive liefdesduetten fell into the taste, which the duo eventually even the program won. Nevertheless, there was, according to Bibi was not a case of infatuation: “The chemistry was absolutely not. We saw each other during the filming, but we had zero contact with each other.”

The two were eventually a number of times dating and jump the spark. But when the news came out, they had still not even spoken, or they have a relationship. “You’re a bit on a schopstoel thrown.”

Top 1000 of all time

Bibi and Waylon are in december again together on stage. Bibi may occur during the Waylon concerts in the Top 1000 of all time, tv guide in Ahoy.

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