A lot of praise, but also questioned docu night nurse

f1716c61c2d95359131bca50dc48c9ce - A lot of praise, but also questioned docu night nurse

The documentary night nurse that Monday evening by AVROTROS was broadcast, many positive comments to count.

Geertjan Lassche made the docu, in which different patients to speak about their experiences with nachtzusters. This special stories, results, alone shows tweets about the program.


“So recognizable. It’s the little things that do it… take Care to do with your heart!” and “What is recognizable and beautiful to be seen!”, are some of the responses that the feeling at the night nurse show.


Yet there was also criticism: the documentary would be a bit too much romanticized, in the most literal sense of the word. “Somewhere the director/producer is somewhat of the shelf or misgeslagen. By focusing on love instead of loving care”, a Rare documentary, nachtzusters are professional at work, why focus on love?”

Monday, it carried thousands of nurses and caretakers action against the administrative burden in the care. By all administration that they should track, they have a lot less time for their patients.

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