A fine reunion with Fleet Foxes in Tivoli/Vredenburg

d2e4d71cdbddf4fbdc3ebeef6447904e - A fine reunion with Fleet Foxes in Tivoli/Vredenburg

After a few years of silence, for the fans forever seemed to take, was there this summer, the return of Fleet Foxes. With a stunning third album in the pocket the band of Utrecht for two concerts.

That third album is a piece of ondoorgrondelijker than the two predecessors, but Fleet Foxes know it is a clever piece from the material a solid setlist to put together. There is space for the old and the new. The show opens with I Am All That I Need / Arroyo Seco / Thumbprint Scar and then follows the diptych Cassius, and Naiads, Cassadies. These are also the first three songs of the album Crack-Up.

In the first issue seems to be the vocals of Robin Pecknold possesses to get caught up in the complex sound mix. There are so many instruments played, this is the most important element for a moment in the not. Fortunately, it is immediately in order as the first wonderful tricks and polyphonic vocals sound. Despite the increasingly complex compositions of the band, the vocals still the main pillar.


Fans of them will enjoy themselves, especially when Pecknold solo and acoustic the songs, Tiger Mountain Peasant Song and Helplessness Blues sings. In the Ronda, Tivoli/Vredenburg is completely quiet. Another matter entirely is the triptych at the end of the set: Third of May / Ōdaigahara, The Shrine / An Argument, and Crack-Up. The late Fleet Foxes from its most versatile side. You ears are too short, because there is a place for guitars, mandolins, double bass, flute, horn, saxophone and trumpet. But also here it is again the singing that the visitor at the les know to keep.

Where Fleet Foxes used to have a band with beautiful folkliedjes and polyphonic singing, it is now grown into a versatile band that folk with rock, jazz, prog and subtle electronics knows how to combine. Especially the live use of samples by keyboardist Casey Wescott should have a more prominent role. So it was very surprising to suddenly patches of Mulatu Astatke to hear. Fleet Foxes is back and in excellent form. I am very curious as to what we have of this band should expect.


I Am All That I Need / Arroyo Seco / Thumbprint Scar
Cassius, –
– Naiads, Cassadies
Grown Ocean
Battery Kinzie
Ragged Wood
Your Protector
The Cascades
On Another Ocean (January / June)
Fool’s Commission
He Doesn’t Know Why
Blue Ridge Mountains
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
White Winter Hymnal
Third of May / Ōdaigahara
The Shrine / An Argument

Oliver James
Helplessness Blues

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