a balladeer takes you to the cold winter of 1977

Singer-songwriter a balladeer has ventured to a christmas album. Not one with jolly songs about jingle bells and reindeer, but an album about the winter, the dark days and celebrate the holidays.

The first single from the album is called Let It Snow and immediately set the tone. Instead of the holidays to sing this song about wintry days. Singer Marinus de goederen sings about snow and ice skating, which makes the song for me, overlaps with the River by Joni Mitchell, my favourite ‘song’.

When Let It Snow has a balladeer a beautiful, nostalgic video clip made. For this Marinus made use of the 8-mm recordings of his mother who, between 1976 and 1983, regularly the family was filming.

Ice skating

in the clip you can see the severe winter of 1977, a winter full of snow and ice, as you really do not have more experiences. We see the singer with his sister and family in the snow on the streets and skating on the Aarkanaal between Alphen a/d Rijn and Ter Aar. For anyone who is in that time grew, will be very recognizable images.

On 24 november, the album that was aptly named December bears. For the creation of the album has a balladeer a successful crowdfundingactie set up. Within 3 days was the amount already collected.

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