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Maaseik suddenly on head in EuroMillions Volley League

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The eighth day of the EuroMillions Volley League was already in the character of a winner. By the recent verlieswedstrijden of Roeselare could Aalst only to the guidance provided profit at Maaseik. That didn’t making it leidersduo now a trio. Maaseik won with 1-3 and is coming to head.

Aalst has lost in the league only in Roeselare and by the bekerverlies at Amigos Zoersel is the EuroMillions Volley League suddenly becomes the only objective. Therefore, it was the game against Maaseik also a lot more important. After a difficult start Maaseik – with stuntzege in Roeselare and qualification for the Champions League – always better to spin. That line drew the Figures. They grabbed the three points in four sets (23-25, 20-25, 25-20, 16-25). Cox (18 points) and Moon (15 points) provided the bulk of the points.

In the other match of Saturday night drew Haasrode Leuven to Amigos Zoersel. Both teams could be this year surprise: Leuven knocked home Believe – perhaps the revelation of the first half – while Amigos Zoersel Aalst wipte in the cup. In the league, the gap between the two teams already four points and which was further deepened by the Leuvenaren. Only three sets (21-25, 19-25, 16-25) were needed to the difference with the bottom four teams to make it larger. Tormans (15 points), Peeters (13) and Vanneste (12) scored the most.

The remaining two posters are Sunday on Walloon soil finished. Borgworm receive Gent, Menen pulls to Guibertin. Gent is still looking for the first win, while Believe enough has a tiebreakzege to the leadership position – and a serious option on the herfsttitel – to take. .

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