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Lewis Hamilton: “In 2018, driving F1 cars, like a bus”

e399c3dcd14349f5595ebdc95d181f01 - Lewis Hamilton: “In 2018, driving F1 cars, like a bus”

Lewis hamilton does not agree with the changes that are afoot for the season 2018, and that is putting it mildly. He feels that F1 should revolve around race and not around how many engines there used be to a season.

This season if everyone is still four power units during a season. Next year, that reduced to three copies, and of some parts there will be but two more may be used.

The past weekend was Lewis Hamilton from the pitlane start. The newly crowned world champion made an impressive overtaking race and finished in only 5.4 seconds of the racewinnaar, Sebastian Vettel.

The Brit had a new power unit after he in Q1 are Mercedes in the bandenmuur had parked. After the race he gave to know that he enjoyed had to once again full-on race to develop a way to for to jobs.

“Next year, we have only three power units available,” says Hamilton. “I’m absolutely not in favour of that rule, that is fucked. Full racing, that we miss today in the F1. We need to be able to push to it, this is the first time that I have a motor on the test suggested, normally you are always working with him to save.”

“I will save the engine also always more than I should. Often I put him in a lower mode and then they tell me that I have him higher. I think, however, to myself: “I will have to find another way to make it.” I think that the fear is for the engine to blow up, like me last year in Malaysia happened.”

“So We have to just continue to do as we have done this for years and it would be well to come with three engines. The team has also done a fantastic job and after this race, I like not the idea of the three power units available.”

Since the start of the V6 hybrid era, there is much to do about the regulations regarding the engines and the gridstraffen that there be given if there is something that needs to be replaced. McLaren has this year, with Alonso and Vandoorne together, to about 400 (!) places gridstraf. That is not a bad average on a season of 19 races, if you ask us.

“For me this race is nice because I a way to had to fight,” said Hamilton. “Then if you look at the riders at the front of the drive then you will see that they are always busy with their material to spare, as we always should do. That is not really exciting for the spectators I think, and that is also the reason why there are more people to regenraces look for those restrictions are mostly gone.”

“The races in which Max Verstappen had to come back from bringing up the rear were the most spectacular. Why can’t we more in that direction to the future? I don’t think that even less motors use a lot of is going to contribute to the spectacle.”

Outside of the new rules in the motor area, there is also the advent of Halo. The system must have the head to protect against flying fragments or components, such as, for example, Felipe Massa in Hungary could suffer in 2009. This part, of course, brings extra weight and that is the handling of the cars is not that good.

“With that extra weight in the cars next year on a tour bus appear, they will be so heavy that it feels like driving a NASCAR to racing. The braking distance will be greater and the brakes will always be on the limit. I know that it is very negative sounds but a racer always wants a fast car which he each round can attack, and that is just what we almost never can,” concludes Hamilton.

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