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Jacques Borlée is sure of this:

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Jacques Borlée, looks over at the Team Belgium-internship in Lanzarote with Julien Watrin, Robin Vanderbemden, Jonathan Sacoor and sons Kevin, Jonathan and Dylan and the six pawns of the 4x400m relay aflossingsploeg. “It does me pleasure to see that everyone is very motivated. If we have the necessary calmness and serenity can work and if all of the institutions focus on the well-being of the athletes, then we will be the next three years the best Belgian Tornados ever see.”

At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in London stranded, Kevin and Jonathan Borlée in the semi-finals of the 400m. “I was very sad that Kevin by disease is not in full could go on, because I saw him able to get close to his personal record to get,” said Jacques Borlée. “Jonathan managed to, after some difficult years, his form back. Today, he is very motivated. Jonathan radiates since he is in mid-August for the first time became a father. He is not too tired, and after the birth everything will be better in hospital.”

Dylan, is not satisfied about his preparation for the previous season, remained in 2017, far removed from his personal record in the 400 meter. “We have all analysed and already lots of changes. I have told him that he must cease to compare himself to others, and a precise goal must have. I’m really surprised at how good Dylan is here already, in terms of endurance and also on a biomechanical level.”

The Belgian Tornados had to be in the world cup final to accept the fourth place, after all, the most ungrateful place at the Games in Rio. “Our group remains excellent performance in the training. The advent of the eighteen-year-old Jonathan Sacoor is very nice. He has talent, is very studious and has his place in the group found. Hopefully Julien Watrin a strong come-back after his hielblessure and remains Robin Vanderbemden progress. With our six athletes we can in the next championships a great performance,” explains the coach of the Tornados, which confirms that the aflossingsploeg will participate in the world CHAMPIONSHIP indoor in Birmingham (1-4 march).

Kevin Borlée makes firewood of new world ranking

Kevin Borlée is not to speak about the intention of the International athletics federation (IAAF) from 2018 wereldrankings to enter, after the example of the tennis. Those rankings will the minima be replaced which athletes must meet in order to qualify for major tournaments as the world CHAMPIONSHIPS and the Olympic Games. “I think that’s a very bad idea. This change is to change. In addition, the athletes were not consulted,” says the 400m specialist on the Team Belgium-internship in Lanzarote.

In the course of the season, athletes points can be scored. The more important the competition, the more points there to pick up fall. The new system would be used for the qualifications for the world cup 2019 in Doha and the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo.

“Athletics is a very objective sport, where, for example, a chrono asks. It is particularly unfortunate that this is on the side of being pushed”, see Kevin Borlée, the sad in.

“In the 400 meter, there are only eight jobs, and the one competition is not the other. How will the points be counted? Who should be allowed to participate in a meeting where there are more points to earn? Now it often happens that managers decide, and lobbying for a good job to get. The athletes are threatening not treated on an equal footing.”

“We will be in completely different circumstances to walk, our life is a lot more complex. A lot of athletes will be non-stop in action to find sufficient points to address. And that in a sport in which an optimal preparation is required, and in which you try to work towards a peak. And if you injured hit, it becomes very difficult to return because you have hardly any points,” concludes the fastest Belgian on the 400m in 2017.

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