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Despite boerenjaar may of Nina Derwael also Nafi Thiam Sportswoman of the Year

96ff18e43624bc16efb881adcb880092 - Despite boerenjaar may of Nina Derwael also Nafi Thiam Sportswoman of the Year

Nina Derwael and Rune Hermans prepare the Team Belgium-internship in Lanzarote for the next gymnastics competition, with the necessary attention for relaxation and contact with the other Belgian athletes on the Canary island.

2017 for the 17-year-old Derwael a boerenjaar, with gold at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and bronze at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS on the bridge with uneven shelves. “I have a very good year behind the back thanks to a good preparation. Hopefully we can use that line the next few years pass over, to the same or who knows even better results. Or I the title of Sportswoman of the Year should claim? There are a lot of good candidates. If you look at how Nafi Thiam after her olympic gold, also the title at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor and the world cup wins, then I think certainly that they deserve to be further Sportswoman of the Year.”

Recently, Derwael an element of the bridge that is named after her. “We do think of other elements that not belong to be, but that is of course not automatically. A new element in a match, gymnastics will still not immediately. It will take a while and against that you have the hang of it,” said Derwael.

At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in the Canadian Montreal was Derwael eighth in the allroundfinale, which with Rune Hermans a Belgian sparkled. The 18-year-old Hermans finished in eleventh place. “I’m more of an allrounder than a toestelspecialist, but at the bar we try to have new elements in it so as to get perhaps a toestelfinale to achieve,” says Hermans, who do not mind a little bit in the shadow of Derwael. “I am very happy that Nina in my team. We help each other through difficult periods.”

Currently, the aircraft and the surface in the Ghent top replaced. “Now we train occasionally in Nazareth and in the trampolinehal, which is close to the top. It is a big change, but we adapt us to the work in early January behind the back”, says Hermans.

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