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Ziggo sends Ajax-Rosenburg free for everyone

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Ziggo has a big heart. In any case, for Ajax fans. Of the kabelaar may be quite free to watch the Amsterdammers, who, in the playoff of the Europa League against Rosenburg play.

Ziggo is also the main sponsor of Ajax) has the exclusive rights for the two matches of Ajax against the Norwegian Rosenburg on 17 and 24 August. Normally, therefore, only subscribers to the Ziggo Sport package that the competition can see it, but the cable company’s stroking with the hand over the heart. That would probably also be in Game of Thrones?

Subscriber or no?

Ziggo subscribers will be able to the matches on the digital basic channel Ziggo Sports Channel 14. Dutch people who have a subscription with a different provider can the two competitions over the main channel Ziggo Sport Select within the Ziggo Sport Total-package see (For Caiway customers via Channel 999 and for KPN customers through Channel 233).

Vitesse, Utrecht and Feyenoord

Ajax on August 17, first at home against Rosenburg. The rematch a week later. The preview of both matches starts at 20.15 hours and the kick-off is at 20.45 hours. Ajax should have two matches to win to get into the real Europa League. Vitesse has already posted for the European league. Also FC Utrecht is still a chance. Dutch champion Feyenoord this season for the big money in the Champions League.

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