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World champions to put The Ketele-De Pauw fire to the shins in the Ghent six-day

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On the first night of the Ghent six-day, it appeared that Kenny De Ketele and Moreno De Pauw on a pleasure trip had started after a handful of victories. By the end of Tuesday threw the French world champions Morgan Kneisky and Benjamin Thomas a bomblet with a profit in the second yacht. They knew immediately a round loss from the first ploegkoers way.

On the second day remained with the French, the Belgians harass, but who bites fiercely. The Peacock temde Kneisky and put a filled to the brim ‘Kuipke’ on stilts. In the chronorit about the baanronde continue to Kenny De Ketele and fast hare Moreno De Pauw not to knock duo. With a time of 8.47. approached them the track record, (8.45.) to on a sigh. Also had the French with the closest place of honour satisfied. De Ketele-The Pope adorned the first team a bonus round and started to lead the ploegkoers about 45’.

“Everything’s perfect until now”, says Ketele. “Gather points, was the first command, and that we have done. In the coming days we may have a lot of resistance to expect.”

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The stand for 22 hours:

1. DE KETELE-DE PAUW 107 points, 1 round, 2. Kneisky-Thomas 98, 3. Hawk-Stroetinga 75, 3. DE VYLDER-GHYS 68, at 2 laps 5. Viviani-Scartezzini 51, 6. Stewart-Wood 35, 7. Meyer-Scotson 10, at 3 laps 8. RICKAERT-Pieters 47, 9. Grasmann-Hester 16, at 4 laps 10. VERGAERDE-Stöpler 24, 5 laps 11. Lampater-THIJSSEN 37, at 6 laps 12. Marguet-Pijourlet 2.

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