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Wilfred Genee want to Tour du Jour does not change

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The ratings for Tour du jour , the last few weeks, not exactly a problem, but presenter Wilfred Genee is not going to be the program all the way to throw.

Wilfred is disappointed that the Tour du jour so few viewers it attracts and calls it a ‘great program’. The wielertalkshow is more serious than other years and thus has less entertainment-content: ‘And that we now also no longer overlapping. It is a conscious choice to do so. Johan Derksen and René van der Jibe to the table is not the solution. This is not football,’ says the presenter at the AD.

The Avondetappe

The past two Tour-weeks voted less than 300,000 viewers down on the wielertalkshow of Wilfred and his side-kick Michael Boogerd. The main rival of The avondetappe does it much better and attracts daily around the 800.000 and 900.000 viewers. The talk show was even a few times already over the one million.


Or Tour du jour next year again on tv, the presenter was not yet: ‘There is now still not at all spoken about. The management of RTL 7 will find that we have a good program, as are most reviewers. I’m happy with it. The viewers still have a week the time in order to discover’

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