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Wiggins and Team Sky go unpunished in case of a suspicious package in Dauphiné: “Lack of hard evidence”

7db81e517d1bb1601d5fea8104602fcb - Wiggins and Team Sky go unpunished in case of a suspicious package in Dauphiné: “Lack of hard evidence”

The British anti-doping agency (UKAD) after more than twelve months, an investigation of possible doping of Bradley Wiggins at Team Sky in the Dauphiné in 2011 in his final report confirmed that there is no one charged will be. So ends the biggest doping problems in cycling of the past few years on a sof.

To briefly recap: The Daily Mail picked up in september 2016 with the scoop that former Tour winner and olympic champion Bradley Wiggins in the Dauphiné 2011, a mysterious package was received. When Wiggins and Sky boss Brailsford was asked to the contents of that package, followed by one lie after the other. Brailsford wurmde is months long in all kinds of curves to the publication of the story.

That article came eventually and brought Wiggins and Team Sky in very narrow shoes. The British anti-doping agency announced an investigation and Brailsford had to the end of 2016 before a committee of the British parliament to appear. There, the Sky manager that the package was the product Fluimucil, a relatively harmless means against slijmhoest, contained. An explanation that the brows did frown. When it’s all not much suggested, why did the name of this drug than two months remain secret? And especially: why did Brailsford two months one after the other lie is caught?

Certainly, when also appeared that the laptop ploegdokter Freeman in which the medical data of Wiggins stood suddenly, “stolen” was discovered (read more). “A professional team Sky, which prides itself on a zero tolerance against doping has, you would expect that they have the data to make any insinuation about doping to refute,” said Nicole Sapstead, director of the British anti-doping agency (UKAD). “Freeman was deemed to be the data from his laptop to a common database, but did that for one reason or another. That Freeman both for Sky and to the British wielerfederatie worked, just made it more complex.” The doping free image which he and Team Sky always stood up for got a big dent. Also team leader Chris Froome had had his doubts. The position of Brailsford seemed untenable, but he continued to.

“Our research was very difficult in the absence of medical data”

Nicole Sapstead surveyed the past year, more than 37 witnesses, but must now conclude that there is insufficient evidence to file a complaint against Wiggins or Team Sky. A lack of medical records at Team Sky (disappeared along with the stolen laptop) and the British wielerfederatie necks the research. “There will be no anti-dopingaanklachten be submitted as a result of the package for Wiggins in the Dauphiné 2011,” according to the UKAD. “That remains the case unless there is new material evidence pops up. Simply put: because of the lack of hard evidence, we were not able to with 100% certainty to say what was in the package was. Our research was very difficult because of the fact that there was a defect in medical data. This aspect of the research should be a warning for all those who are responsible for the tracking of medical data in the sport. They must ensure that the rules are systematically followed.”

Team Sky reacts relieved

At Team Sky, they respond, of course, very relieved. “We are pleased that the investigation is over and no further actions will follow. We have always maintained that there is nothing wrong is gone and the past year we had always fully cooperated with the UKAD. Since our start in 2010 we have constantly our operation has improved so that we our fight against doping, as well as possible.”

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