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Voetbalcommentator John Motson quits

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Viewers who come to the BBC tuning up for a game of English football to know the voice of John Motson. The 72-year-old worked 50 years as a commentator, but keep it for seen.

The farewell Match of the day is only at the end of the season, so the British football fans have yet to get used to the idea. John Motson (Motty, made 10 world CHAMPIONSHIPS and commented on nearly 200 matches of English national team.

Sheep’s wool

In announcing his retirement said the ever in a schapenwollen jacket splendidly dressed Motson: “I have been fortunate to see some of the best football moments in the history of this area, but I wanted to stop at the right time and not too long. I don’t want to come a point where people say: ‘Oh dear, Motty can take no more, he pulls the players together and his voice is not good. This feels like the right time.”

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