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Tour de France attracts a lot of viewers

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The Tour de France would, according to various media fewer viewers than last year. According to the NOS is correct there is nothing of the news.

Last Monday, made the Foundation for sight examination (SKO) the ratings of the Tour known: during the first nine days did the Tour of France only 656.000 cycling fans to captivate. The SKO blame the low ratings of to the beautiful weather and the moderate performance of the Dutch riders. Last year looked average 721.000 cycling fans throughout the Tour. Many media also – thought that this number only on the first uitzendweek beat.

Wrong comparison

According to the NOS scores at this year’s Tour even better than in 2016. Then it came to the race during the first nine days only 623.000 viewers hooked, ” says a spokesman: ‘Reports in the media, as would be the Tour this year less popular, are based on a false comparison: the results of the first nine days of this year are compared with those of the entire Tour last year.’

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Finish line in Paris

In 2015, looked at more than one million people to the race and was the best-viewed Tour in twenty years time. That record goes this edition to surpass, but the NOS know that next week more cycling fans for the tube: ‘experience shows that the ratings of the Tour to increase as the finish in Paris approaching.’

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