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“The F1 is paralyzed by financial inequality”

25f25c10d127ffac035400eb728c6662 - “The F1 is paralyzed by financial inequality”

Technical director of Williams, Paddy Lowe, is pulling the alarm bell. He urges the new owners of the F1 to the income fairer distribution so that an equal fight.

The Brit is candid. In an interview with the ‘Guardian’, he explains that at this moment, as it were, two championships to be driven.

“View the differences between the teams,” said Lowe. “You can compare it with the Premier League and the Championship (English first and second division in football, red).”

“I am not the man to start to whine or to give it up. We hope to have the two seconds that Williams separates from the top teams to narrow. Taking into account the resources that we have available, we are very, very efficient to work.”

Lately there has been much to do about what’s going to happen in the motor area in 2021. Liberty media, the new owner of the F1, wants to major manufacturers to Formula 1 lure with cheaper engines and a simpler design. Lowe thinks that’s not the biggest problem is where the sport suffering.

“It’s not at all about motors,” Lowe continues. “In fact, it has nothing to do with it because the three top teams all have different engines. The biggest problem of the sport is not in the field of engines if you have more competitive cars would. The great financial inequality makes for an unequal battle between the teams. Everyone knows that and also know the owners of the F1.”

About what amounts have Paddy Lowe it exactly? Let’s take the example of Ferrari. The Italians are already since 1950, without interruption, is present in the F1 and receive annual 58.3 million. For their place in the world CHAMPIONSHIP for constructors will receive a Ferrari and a sloppy 26 million euro. If you know that Williams only 8.5 million euros for its years of presence in the F1 the account is quickly created.

Chase Carey, CEO of Liberty Media, is aware of the problem. “We have more competition and excitement required. That we must create, financial resources by themselves and usually benefit all the teams.”

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