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She’s on fire: Tessa Wullaert scored twice in as many minutes in the Champions League

2e0633ec56d0c4a75e35ef2f71d6e9aa - She's on fire: Tessa Wullaert scored twice in as many minutes in the Champions League

Red Flame Tessa Wullaert has Wednesday in the Champions League match against Fiorentina twice scored in as many minutes. Eventually it became 3-3. Because Wolfsburg the heenwedstrijd already with 0-4 won, the German club through to the quarter finals.

Ilaria Mauro opened after only two minutes of play the score for the away team. In reference to Alia Guagni pushed them to the 0-1 against the nets. Around the half hour was given Wolfsburg a penalty assigned, after Elisa Bartoli made a mistake on Alexandra Popp. Our compatriot Tessa Wullaert if it subsequently from the dot to try. They shot the ball first time on the pole, but was able to rebound yet to align. Not even two minutes later it was Wullaert who scored, this time in reference to Anna Blasse. Thanks to that goal was Wolfsburg with 2-1 rest.

In the second half allowed the ladies of Fiorentina twice scoring. The young Precellia Rinaldi put the signs back the same. Then put the collapsed Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir from Wolfsburg’s 3-2 on the board. In the 81e minute, she picked up Elli Brazil is still a doelpuntje for Fiorentina. Wullaert was 58 minutes on the field.

Later in the evening, even Janice Cayman still in action at the French Montpellier. They defend in their own home a 2-3 victory in the first leg at Brescia. The Italian women eliminated the Ajax of Davina Philtjens and Nicky Van den Abbeele in the sixteenth-finals.

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