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“Sebastian Vettel his chances at the title next year, not bigger”

c51d4f289f40d8cca712e6caa6fa9b9c - “Sebastian Vettel his chances at the title next year, not bigger”

The prices for the season 2017 are divided and thus focuses everyone the visor on next season. Nico Rosberg late in the ‘’ his light shine in 2018 and thinks Sebastian Vettel should not hope for a new title.

The Formula 1 never stands still and although the last race yet to be held and sit both the press and the teams with their head already in 2018.

Nico Rosberg looks in the crystal ball and predicts that next season his former team-mate Lewis Hamilton the biggest contender to the title. The future of his fellow countryman Sebastian Vettel sees the world champion of 2016 less rosy.

“I don’t believe that Seb next year, more likely will make on the title,” says Rosberg. “This year, they had a chance at the title, and Mercedes is the team is simply stronger. Therefore, I am not sure whether the chances of Ferrari next year will be bigger.”

Completely outgunned eight Rosberg and his compatriot not to a fifth world title to his list of achievements to add. He thinks that Ferrari of his fate not in their own hands will have it and that they have to take advantage when Mercedes a stitch is dropped.

“It’s always wait and see of course. This year, Mercedes also made some mistakes, that is never to exclude. Then Vettel and Ferrari ensure that they are of those moments to make the best use,” concluded Rosberg.

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