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Revelation De Vylder aspires in Gent six day to claim a podium finish on the side of the War

f6583ed6c3edef03888784fb8057326d - Revelation De Vylder aspires in Gent six day to claim a podium finish on the side of the War

The surprise after the first night of the Ghent six-day, comes from the angle of the mount Lindsay De Vylder-Robbe Ghys. The second full Belgian duo follows in the same lap as the leaders De Ketele-De Pauw, in fourth place with a deficit of 29 points.

“The beginning was good. From the start, and certainly in the first ploegkoers had the gashendeltje directly be extended. And that is always something to get used to. But we managed to get the competition to follow and to reduce the backlog to a minimum”, gave Lindsay De Vylder for the start of the second night.

“In the nevennummers we must still do better. Therein we are tackling just a little too little points. Perhaps we than the power deficit for the ploegkoers, but we see that at the moment. Robbe and I are still young and once against the wall walk might not hurt? Who nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say, right? Well, then why not even full go in the ploegafvalling or the baanronde? Together, we have set ourselves the goal that we have a place on the podium. Now with the absence of Iljo Keisse is that place still vacant. But we may also now not start floating.”

For the start of the six days of Ghent was Lindsay De Vylder full of praise for the Australian duo, Callum Scotson-Cameron Meyer. That is after one night or all in 1 round and with only 8 points behind their name. “I maintain that Cameron Meyer is a stoneware pistier. He can have a round tackle and then back to full extension. The men are not yet on their top, but I expect that their turbo soon will catch on. What concerns us, we want to continue to doordoen and in the same round shall continue as The Ketele and De Pauw.”

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