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Matsoe Matsoe is father

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Oh Oh Cherso-star Joey Spaan, better known as Matsoe Matsoe, father. It is the first child for the realityster. His girlfriend Each is now four months pregnant. Joey’s child is expected in april and he looks very much forward to the arrival of the baby.

Matsoe Matsoe in 2010 was known by the reality show Oh Oh Cherso, which is a huge success for RTL 5. Chip was so popular that, in addition to the continuation of the series, also a series was given in which he went searching for the true love. In Everybody loves Joey , and he chose Laura, but that relationship didn’t last that long. Now he is happy with Each. At this time deserves My money as a dj Matsoe Matsoe.

Sniper and Little Princess

It is not the first Oh Oh Cherso-baby. Samantha van der Plas, or Barbie, made sure first that the Oh-clan was extended. And last month, it was announced that the Oh Oh Cherso-set Vincent van der Lans (Sniper) and Roos van Gelder (Little Princess) a boy expect. The rest of the cosy Hagenezen is still childless.

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