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Katja Schuurman react emotionally to accusations, Job Gosschalk

Katja Schuurman was at RTL Late Night to evil when she was competing for a good friend Job Gosschalk. “I disapprove of his behavior, but I accept him as a human being to do.”

Katja was by Humberto Tan asked for a response to the many allegations of misconduct at the address of Katya’s close friend, Job Gosschalk. Because they ask, expecting she had already had a statement written that they, with tears in her eyes read.


Of course, adopts Katja behavior. But according to the actress to be his good sides, not enough highlights. “I just want another side to be heard.”


As Katja begins her friendship with Job, it is emotional. “Job is a good friend of mine for 20 years. We have put together lots of new experiences and I love him very much and though I’m ugly, very ugly and stupid like what he has done, I disapprove of his behavior, but I disapprove of not going to him as a human being.”

The emotional argument is here

Even more accusations

Former castingdirecteur Job Gosschalk is now by dozens of men accused of sexual harassment. Earlier in the evening was in RTL Boulevard, a new accusation treats. Job the then 16-year-old actor Willem Triplets have been abused.

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