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Home Alone this christmas on SBS 6

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Home Alone moves this year with christmas to SBS 6. Last year disappeared from the series after years at RTL 4. And that was a bit loose with the viewers.

The surprise of the Home alone-less christmas at RTL 4 was great. The little Kevin McAllister that stupid burglars a lesson learn was, after all, a beautiful christmas tradition. But in recent years dropped the ratings by 10% per year until Home alone in 2015 under the 1 million came out of it. Time for a change, decided to the transmitter. Home alone went to RTL 8 and RTL 4 decided -even though old – movie Matilda to give a chance.

The Christmas Show

This year RTL 4 on christmas day, a whole other side with the The Christmas Show: A Christmas Carol, the RTL 4-theatre production with Carlo Boszhard, Buddy Vedder, Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau and many other well-known faces that the time-honored christmas story of Charles Dickens play.

Kevin remains preserved for christmas. SBS 6 broadcasts on christmas day and Home alone 1 and on the Second day of christmas is Home alone 2 on the turn. And otherwise there is always YouTube.

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