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Ex-rider stays behind statements about mechanical doping of Fabian Cancellara are

Former professional cyclist Phil Gaimon, on Tuesday in a statement that he was behind his statements about the Swiss rider Fabian Cancellara continues. The American accused Cancellara of it is a built in electric motor in his bike. Gaimon wants to ‘Draft Animals’, the book which he called the allegations neerschreef, not off the shelves. Cancellara had previously asked to do so.

“In ‘Draft Animals’ I have a well documented rumor is repeated and, as I’ve proposed,” he begins his statement. “I will keep on with my point of view. Anyone who has the book effectively would open it, would realize that it has everything except for an accusation. All of you put a gun to my head, then I would be behind my statements.”

The American says that in his book he has never claimed to prove. Therefore, he finds that the book is not out of the racks. Cancellara thinks differently about this: he wants the book off the shelves is removed.

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Remarkable video

Gaimon is, incidentally, not the first that Cancellara in relation to mechanical doping. A few years ago buzzed with the rumor already around that the Swiss with a built-in motor a few classics to his name, had written.

Under more ex-Rondewinnaar Jacky Durand made in 2010 have already been accusations hard with a remarkable video which in Belgium is, to date, had not yet picked up. Definitely worth to see:

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