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Ex-athletes keep Sportmonologen at Studio Sport

e678f135b7f9af0daff353d6f398496f - Ex-athletes keep Sportmonologen at Studio Sport

Among others skater Marianne Timmer, boxer Arnold Vanderlyde and racing driver Jan Lammers keep the NOS on Sunday afternoon monologues about their lives.

Tell them about failure to perform, about how your opponents crushes and how you deal with deep disappointments. A special role is reserved for Erben Wennemars. He is the reporter, and follows the ten ex-athletes before and after their performance in the Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam.

The complete line-up looks as follows:

24 sep Danny Nelissen
8 oct Jan Lammers
15 oct Arnold Vanderlyde
22 oct Stefan Groothuis
5 nov Jacques Brinkman
Nov 26, Mart Smeets
3 dec Ben van der Burg
10 dec Marianne Timmer
17 dec Ellen van Langen
24 dec Karsten Kroon

The strange duck in the bite is Mart Smeets, known as the former figurehead of Studio Sport. But ‘the Mart’ played late ’60/early ’70 beautiful ten year long professional basketball for the Levi’s Flamingo’s Haarlem.

The Sportmonologen are scheduled around the clock from 17: 30 hours, but if there is something very exciting happening in the field of sport, can that time be adjusted.

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