Football Sports confirms acquisition STVV: “Still no decision on new chairman”

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STVV has woensdagvoormiddag more explanation will be given about the future plans of the club. The Japanese company confirmed the acquisition of STVV. Who is the new chairman, was not yet informed.

Yusuke Muranaka, the word for the store, which in the past the Japanese national team sponsored. He did that in his native language. Notable: neither Roland Duchâtelet nor his partner Marieke Höfte, was present in the room.

Muranaka was full of praise for STVV. “Belgium is a great voetballand, and STVV is a dynamic club in full growth with an interesting infrastructure. Here We can learn a lot.”

“We want to be on the basis of our experiences the club and the city new ideas to teach, and who knows, even the Japanese culture to introduce. For example, We want to set up a system that fans before and after the match entertains.”

Still wanted Muranaka not have said that there is now suddenly a large Japanese presence will be at Stayen. “We are going to not just Japanese players or coaches to introduce. We will be the team only strengthen when needed and, in each case in consultation. The nationality should play no role.”

Family Duchâtelet

According to CEO Philippe Bormans there will be little change to the daily operation of the club. “Over the last few weeks, there are already people of to work with us gone.”

But who is the new chairman? “Marieke Höfte stays up until 1 december with us. We will later announce who her replacement is. We found, however, it is inappropriate today to already say goodbye to the family Duchâtelet, who for the past fifteen years quite a lot for us has served. We later go into a say goodbye plan. We continue anyway connected to the family because we keep the stadium from them to rent.”

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